On this page a few photo's which are made during building the Soeters Audio 300B-xls SE
amplifier "Audion". Most parts of this amplifier are designed and made by TechGraphix.
On the page "
Drawings" you will find most of the drawings.
Click on the small pictures to see the enlargements.
 Over 80 hours work to mill this 40 kilo block of aluminum. About 30 kilos of aluminum-chips (= waiste) was the result. The "Artist impression" of the final result. One of the newest and fastest servers still had two days work on this picture. This picture is also "drawn" by TechGraphix.
Drilling a few horizontal holes and tap threads to mount some of the components.  The final result of this Dutch product: 50 kilogrammes top-technology.
 Days of sanding and polishing to wipe out all the traces of machining. After that the frame was sandblasted to get a nice surfacestructure.  Another nice view. On the floor, in front of one of the Klipshorn-speakers. The wooden horns, as decoration, are also made by TechGraphix.
 The necesary Lathe-machining. Here still a dull surface. To see the difference the decorative ring for the 300B-tube is polished.  Adjustments for the tubes reside just under the nameplate. The current can be read-off digitaly. With the switch, both tubes can be selected.  
 Before the frame was anodised all metal parts where checked to fit well. Really a nice view. Thick silver wires are laid in the canals which are milled out of the teflon plate. After the wires where wrapped in teflontape they fitted exactly.  
 A silversmith made this central-earthpoint from 99,999% pure silver.
Later this is polished too, for pure optical reason.
 A few of the used PCB's: The Delay/Bias/meter PCB, the rectifiers for the auxiliary voltages and the voltage controlled currentsources.  
 Made from a 10mm thick brass plat. On the backside the cut-away for the meter and switch.
This nameplate is also made by TechGraphix.
A view at the inside of the amplifier. Many costly components like Blackgate, Mundorf and Tantal resistors. All wiring is 99,999% silver......
 A huge plate of 12mm thick teflon is machine to a real piece of art. Almost too beautifull to treat it with formaldehyde (to obtain a good bond with a special kit )  Under the T-bridge is a teflon-sheet as the WKZ-highvoltage- capacitors come very close to the bottomplate.
The plate fits exactly in the frame. All holes correspond perfect, Thé advantages of CAD-CAM.  With the bottomplate attached it is hardly visible. Here still in the wooden Assembly-Transport- and adjustment crate in which the amplifier can be placed upside-down . 
 First modification: The input is balanced now and all signalwiring to the first tube is gold with cotton and leather.  Second modification: Rewiring of the rectifiertube-socket for the Philips EY500 tube.
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